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Ana Bia Morelli


The meanings of Ana Beatriz are: First, "graceful woman who brings happiness", and second "traveler full of grace". Both definitions apply very well to this Brazilian wanderlust who, even before turning 4 years old, was already entertaining her family by telling stories and performing like artists from the 80s. Ballet and Theater were part of her childhood and adolescence, then moving on to karaoke and a church’s choir.

After having worked as a roadie for her multi-instrumentalist husband for some time, she joined his band as a vocalist in 2015, a cover rock band called “The Streams”. Street performances, private events, bars, and even the closing show of a large company's centenary celebrations have been on their calendar over the years.

In 2020 and 2021, their public activities needed to be reduced, so the Home Sessions started, being posted on social media, because "the show must go on"!

2022 brought her the challenge of moving to Canada with her husband, Tadeu Vieira, excited to have already found a group of musicians, Made in Brazil, to form together the band “Sinistros”, to make a lot of noise together playing Brazilian and International hits!

In her playlist you will always hear classic rock, hard rock, pop rock, a little pop, electronic and MPB (Popular Brazilian Music).

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